Wednesday, December 2, 2009

only in gotham city.

when i saw this beauty parked on broadway, my initial thought was "batmobile." but then i realized this car was obviously playing homage to the delorean a la back to the future. so sleek. and who wouldn't love those convenient gullwing doors?

-5 points because in reality it was a hyundai and marty mcfly was not the driver. +10 points because it had subs and was blasting "empire state of mind" so loud i could hear it inside of topshop.

spotted in soho.

boy meets geisha girl.

oh look, it's just your typical all-american couple out for a cozy mexican din in meatpacking. girl in full on geisha wear, guy a weak version of boy george complete with a (look close) blue sequin yarmulke.

perhaps acceptable on halloween but this time of year the only excusable costumes are limited to tacky christmas sweaters and santa hats.

love may be blind, but i am not.

spotted in meatpacking, photo courtesy of wall street betty's stealth iPhone skills.