Wednesday, January 6, 2010

spidey at your service

so much for web slinging, spiderman has a new form of transportation. and this type can benefit you as well! i present to you: spiderman on a rickshaw.

for a small monetary donation you and your sweetheart can take a romantic ride down st. marks in this cozy bike taxi driven by one of america's greatest superheros. and if you're as lucky as this couple, he will even pop a wheelie in front of cafe mogador.

saving the world one buggy ride at a time. thank you peter parker, gotham city salutes you.

spotted in the east village.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cat in pound cake.

seriously. this is what we witnessed at the bodega saturday night. as if the food at those places isn't questionable enough, the folks at roger's garden are allowing this feline to prance around the place.

and if it's sitting in the pre-packaged pound cake who KNOWS where else pretty kitty's been. go ahead, try the egg salad. i dare you.

the employees at this place seemed ultimately fine with the issue, some kind of weird "take your cat to work" thing, or else the cat sitter fell through.

thankfully i was only there to withdraw money from one of those lovely atm's with the ridiculous $5 fees.

spotted on houston. meow.

santa baby.

sorry for the lack of posting, but it was christmas vacation! i'll start out with some belated christmas spirit...

spotted en-route to nyc at the will rogers world airport, chris kringle in lounge wear. apparently santa decided to forgo his sleigh post-christmas for american airlines. he also traded in his standard suit for some red sweats, a monogrammed 'S' baseball cap, and appeared 50 pounds less jolly. is this the REAL santa on a flight back to the north pole via o'hare? fugitive in disguise? brad pitt?

regardless, i believe it was because of this man that i made my 10 minute connection in chicago. a TRUE christmas miracle.

proof that even in oklahoma, things are not always OK.