Wednesday, March 17, 2010

exposed: underground eaters

table for 2 on the 4 train to brooklyn? i'm sorry, this might be public transportation but it is NOT a public dining hall. confession: i have eaten on the subway before. it was a granola bar. an individually packaged, unscented, non-offensive quaker chewy granola bar. 

and i don't really think that falls into the same category as sharing a full-on asian stir fry feast. who wants to eat a hot lunch when you're surrounded by 30 plus germy strangers, in a confined space, while moving through an underground tunnel populated by new york city's finest rodents? seriously people, eating a meal on the subway is just unsanitary. 

for more not ok moments, check out this post from the gothamist featuring blogs subway douchery, the n train gossip and train pigs. makes me real glad i walk to work. (caution: these sites are extremely graphic in nature and i would not recommend looking at them before or immediately following lunch.)

subway snackers spotted en route to the BK target by the East Village Vanguard.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a vision in neon pink.

possibly ok if you're at the airport in gunnison, colorado.
slightly ok if you're on a stopover en route to park city, utah.
NEVER ok when deplaning a flight from minneapolis to new york's la guardia airport.

it's like she layered on everything she wanted to bring on the trip and then zipped the pink onesie over it all. as for the perfectly coordinating neon pink suitcase, there are. no. words.

you know you're from minnesota when...?

photo courtesy of the East Village Vanguard.

my new boyfriend.

conversation in real time:
"ohmigah look at the guy's tattoo!"
"you should take a picture of him for your blog."
"you should get in the picture with him!"
"and done... that's a great tattoo, what does it mean?"
"it's the road to salvation baby. can i buy you a drink?"
end scene.

spotted in meatpacking giving pauly dee a run for his money.