Wednesday, March 17, 2010

exposed: underground eaters

table for 2 on the 4 train to brooklyn? i'm sorry, this might be public transportation but it is NOT a public dining hall. confession: i have eaten on the subway before. it was a granola bar. an individually packaged, unscented, non-offensive quaker chewy granola bar. 

and i don't really think that falls into the same category as sharing a full-on asian stir fry feast. who wants to eat a hot lunch when you're surrounded by 30 plus germy strangers, in a confined space, while moving through an underground tunnel populated by new york city's finest rodents? seriously people, eating a meal on the subway is just unsanitary. 

for more not ok moments, check out this post from the gothamist featuring blogs subway douchery, the n train gossip and train pigs. makes me real glad i walk to work. (caution: these sites are extremely graphic in nature and i would not recommend looking at them before or immediately following lunch.)

subway snackers spotted en route to the BK target by the East Village Vanguard.


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