Thursday, February 18, 2010

confessions of a foodie

i love food. and i love ny mag. so it should come as no shock that when i get bored, i can literally spend hours on reading restaurant reviews and plotting my next meals. sad? maybe. basically, ny mag food blogger = my dream job.

in the meantime check out adam platt's "where to eat in 2010". yum.

and now i give you, the best of claire's iphone food photos (because disturbingly enough 80% of the pictures on my phone are of food), a slightly less refined culinary journey through new york city, well mostly my apartment.

thai terminal - peanut curry w/ chicken
whoa. this stuff is GOOD. i would basically recommend anything from thai terminal especially if it's drenched in peanut sauce. monday night my roommates and i actually placed 3 separate orders over the course of the evening to this delightful little slice of heaven in the east village. sorry delivery guy, but it was snowing and i'm not about to walk 5 blocks when i can have it delivered.

crif dogs - spicy redneck and waffle fries
maybe you think this looks disgusting. maybe i do not care. it's like the texas state fair meets backyard barbecue meets texadelphia queso fries and topped with jalepenos. late night eating extravaganza. try it.

my adorable valentine's day cupcakes, not sold in stores.

and finally, the epitome of class and ultimate wine and pasta pairing: yellow tail merlot & easy mac.

i swear sometimes i actually eat legitimate meals. bon appetit.

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