Friday, February 5, 2010

repeat offender.

shhh don't tell, but i'm wearing the same sweater today that i wore on monday. oops. actually i'm wearing the same exact outfit, didn't even re-accessorize it. oh well. i work in an office of all guys. the only time anyone has ever made a comment on my outfit was the day i wore my fur vest. which is understandable, seeing as that vest is AWESOME. so my apologies for not feeling the need to come up with some creative ensemble today. it was a good outfit, i'll repeat. no shame. it's not like it was dirty. although in my opinion, clothes are really only dirty if you are unfortunate enough to spill something on them (which in my case if usually one of three things: coffee, red wine or pizza sauce).

i mean, everyone knows pants are never dirty. but you know what else is never dirty? dry clean/hand wash only clothes. 'dry clean only' to me is basically code for "this will never be washed." sorry i don't have $500 a month to blow on dry cleaning. it takes a lot for me to fork over $18 to wash my regular laundry which is essentially only gym clothes, underwear and socks. especially since doing laundry is pretty much my hell on earth.

i LOATHE doing laundry. i mean it's just the miserable schlepping of the 40 pounds of clothes allllllll the way (read around the corner) to the laundromat, making sure you have cash and then converting the cash to quarters in the machine which is a feat in itself seeing as all my dollar bills inevitably look like a dog chewed them up and then sitting in the nasty, grimy establishment that is LAUNDERAMA (wondering if your clothes are even getting clean) and trying not to stare at the freak old man washing one t-shirt and singing showtunes in the corner. on a good day, there will be enough quarters to finish all the laundry but if you're me, you will be about 50 cents short trying to dry the rest of your towels and have to either a) take money out of the ATM that charges a $3.00 fee and then walk across the street to the deli and buy a bottled water to break the $20 so you have ones for the coin machine or b) carry the towels home slightly damp and hang them in the bathroom where they never fully dry due to the shower humidity and have the same mildewed smell they did before you washed them. ugh. laundry. i might even hate it more than times square. which is A LOT.

the day i have an apartment with a washer/dryer AND a walk in closet. i will know i have succeeded in life.

well, i'm only working a half day because sister is coming in town. who's jealous? you should be. HAPPY FRIDAY!

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