Wednesday, February 10, 2010

where are they now?: american idol edition.

just because i know everyone has been DYING TO KNOW.

ruben studdard- get ready america, in 2K10 ruben plans to release a greatest hits album. seriously. the only ruben jam i'm even semi-familiar with is "i'm sorry (i'm sorry for 2004)," and that's only because it was on VH1's most awesomely bad songs ever, so how it's possible to release a greatest hits album is beyond me. bring it on, studdard.

fantasia- apparently fantasia won season 3, which i must have missed because i have never heard of her or any of her songs. she's starring in a reality series on VH1 this year called "fantasia for real." set your dvr and pray this is better than that awful series with bobby brady and whatever D-list celeb he married.

clay aiken- season 2's runner up, i personally found clay a little creepy ever since his first single "if i was invisible" basically portrayed him as a stalker. he wants to be a "fly on your wall?" think that clay, don't actually say it. well i guess recently clay came out as being gay which was really no shock to anyone except maybe himself. he recently published an autobiography that i'm sure is verrrry insightful.

carrie underwood- carrie is basically flawless. she's sold 11 million albums worldwide, won multiple grammy's and cma awards and last year got engaged to hottie hockey player mike fisher and scored at 12 carat diamond ring. not to mention, she's from OKLAHOMA. carrie wins.

sorry for this post. these are the kind of things that happen to people who are in the office on what should be a snow day and happen to follow US weekly on twitter.

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